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“Nancy Donnelly is an exciting singer whose voice is nestled nicely somewhere in between jazz and soul• a rich, warm and powerful sound” Peter Eldridge (New York Voices).

Nancy’s ability to blend a spectrum of musical styles is attributed to her wide array of musical influences and experiences. Nancy began training as a classical vocalist at a young age. Upon graduating from the “Crane School of Music”, Nancy moved to Boston to further pursue her musical studies. While in Boston, she had the opportunity to work with several Blues and R&B groups. Nancy realized her true passion for jazz when she performed with Russian saxophonist Igor Butman.

Nancy then moved to New York, where she played in many of the cities famous jazz clubs, such as the Blue Note, The Village Gate, Iridium, and Birdland numerous jazz festivals including the Rochester International Jazz Festival and the Wall St. Jazz Festival.  Nancy's critically acclaimed debut CD features Peggy Stern Jay Anderson and Matt Wilson.

Nancy has two critically acclaimed CD's available on iTunes and Spotify.

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